Water removal system

The water removal system is conceived for removing water from the surface of the conveyor belt.
It is based on a centrifugal blower, that pushes air through pipes to the air knife, that deliver a uniform sheet of laminar airflow across the entire belt width with hard-hitting force.
It consists of Centrifugal Blower, Inlet Filter with polyester elements, Enclosure for protection of blower and filter and noise reduction, High Efficiency Air Knives, Flexible hoses with accessories, Local Control Panel.

In case of high humidity, conveyor belt tends to form water, that needs to be remove before proceeding with the material handling.
Especially installed in high humidity area, when it is necessary to speed up the elimination of the water on the belt, and restore the material loading as soon as possible; typical application: on belt conveyors that transfer urea on ships


  • Heavy duty system
  • Easy cleaning and minimum maintenance
  • Particular attention to Safety
  • Blower:
    – High precision ceramic angular contact ball bearings
    – 75% savings in electrical cost over compressed air
    – Self-adjusting tension belt
    – Dynamically balanced impeller, bearing carrier and pulley system
    – Stainless steel blower pulley
    – Fully rotatable blower head cover